The Land of the Rising Sun

The dilemma about a ten hour flight is how to fill the time. Despite the trip from Amsterdam to Tokyo being a red eye, it did not make a difference due to my disregard of sleeping in seats. I scrolled through the latest blockbusters on the seat’s monitor to see what movies would grab my attention. The stories and sequences end up blending into one blur of nonsensical narrative as time goes on.

Something in the TV show section caught my eye. The Game of Thrones season five box set. As luck would have it I had recently completed season four so now was the perfect time to have a binge session. I managed half of the season before attempting to get some rest.

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Je suis Belge

I had to be in the office early the next morning but I was still awake. News articles refreshed on my computer screen as the events from Brussels unfolded. The suspected terrorists from the Paris attacks had been found and had a shoot-out with the police. Three officers and a civilian had been injured, two suspects were on the run and the city was in lockdown.

While checking how many hours sleep I would be getting, I got hold of Lauren to discuss our options. We were to travel to Bruges in two days with a short stopover in Brussels. We monitored the situation the following day and decided to proceed with our trip. Terrorists could not prevent us from living our lives.


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