Confessions of a Failed Shopaholic

The most important purchase I’ll be making before I leave the UK is a backpack. It is said that this bag will be my best friend (or worst enemy) when travelling. I was pretty set on getting a standard top-loading bag and did a little bit of research on the matter.

The next day I met Truman in town for some backpack shopping after getting a free hand wash from a Bulgarian girl trying to sell me her hand revitalizing salt cream. I do not want your salts lady!! It was last Sept/Oct when I was having a conversation with Truman, who I only knew vaguely through other friends. He was telling me how he planned on travelling the globe with little structure to his itinerary. That same day I spontaneously agreed to be his travelling partner and haven’t looked back since. Unfortunately, we would be setting off at different dates due to personal choice but have kept in constant contact, deliberating our trips and what we wanted to see. There is no doubt our paths will cross somewhere in the world.

As Truman happily munched on his Burger King feast we discussed office gossip, trip plans and what I needed to buy that day. However, only once we got into the outdoor supply store did Truman oppose to the idea of me getting a top-loading backpack and along with the shop assistant tried to convince me to get a front loading bag instead. To my dismay I spent hours huming and haring on what bag to get as my heart was set on getting a top loader. I left the shop empty handed and Truman took his leave saying I needed to seriously think about what I really needed.

It wasn’t a wasted journey as I walked back to my car I came across another outdoor-esque shop where I found a very cheap but slick looking water and wind resistant jacket that came crested with the Union Jack. I also made a very necessary buy of badly needed walking shoes!

walking shoes


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