Leaving Home

I handed in my resignation. After waiting what seemed an eternity for my manager to come out of his meeting I told him that we needed to talk, so we went into a vacant meeting room where I explained to him my reasons for leaving. No one was more taken back by my decision than my team leader. Many times we had discussed such plans of leaving the monetary hum-drum existence and going off to exotic lands for an adventure. Perhaps we only discussed the possibility from his perspective as I always kept my desire to travel the world close to my chest, like pocket Aces. He is still very pleased for me and will hope that I can be a vessel for his dreams.

MorrisAfter waiting for this day I was expecting feelings such as ecstasy, excitement and relief but instead I felt an empty sadness, like a part of me had been taken away. As fellow colleagues kept telling me how jealous they were and how they wish they could do what I was about to embark on, I could not help but feel jealously for their safety net of social events, parties and home comforts. I was perhaps most sad to leave these close friends behind while I head out into the unknown.

When it someone’s last day at work, it is standard for leavers to have colleagues in the office come to their desk where they are spoken about by their manager and I was no different. I was quite surprised by the turnout who arched around the entire open planned floor plan. Mr Parry, my project manager, delivered quite a drab speech of my career outline but then tried to explain the “Ryan Algorithm” to the whole congregation. The formula is where a guy can determine the perfect age of a suitor by halving his age and adding seven. I cannot remember where I stole it from but I declared it as my own. Then I said my own embarrassing speech where I thanked the important players in my career and such. Then the presents! The best presents included an I-tunes card, Ramona Flowers doll and a LeBron James Miami Heat top. The joke presents included Just for Men and a pillow adjusted with a bra and two melons for me to “practice” on before I leave. I also got some underwear with Superman, the Green Lantern and Batman on…I’m not sure if this was a joke or a serious gift! Nakama

Due to the circumstances, it was most fitting to have a huge party (I love planning events!) for around fifty of my dearest friends. I was pleased with the turnout and managed to spend time with nearly everyone and take loads of great snaps. Some of my nakama were not permitted entry into the first place due to wearing trainers. Then at the second venue (a swanky place in Cardiff), the last five guys of my group were denied entry since they were only going to be letting in girls. Not that I would inform the bouncers to only let in attractive women once I had made it in myself.


I normally do not drink but these events I did partake in a few alcoholic beverages, there is now a video of me dancing drunkenly going viral on the Internet. There is the danger of these kind of moment becoming anti-climactic with so much build up and hype but it was an enjoyable evening. After saying my goodbyes, my departure date is looming…


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