Hilary the Travel Ranger

The Drifters bar next to the YHA was hosting its weekly poker tournament. Being a poker enthusiast and all, I hoped I would fair well against the thirty other backpacker opponents. After a couple of hours being patient and reading the other players, I bluffed my way to a 2nd place finish and won a jug of beer. Searching for my new friends I made at the tables I ventured outside to see them sitting around a table laughing at someone’s amusing anecdote. “Nice work, Ryan!” Nathan exclaimed as he found out about my placing. I took the free space next to a pretty blonde girl,while handing over my beer. hilary

This was Hilary Billings, professional blogger and adventurer extraordinaire. As soon as that American twang left her mouth I became interested in her tale as it was rare to speak to Americans on this part of my journey. She carried herself with confidence  and was enthusiastically  interested about her fellow travellers. To read more about our encounter please read the blog. After arriving back at the hostel after our dinner with Nathan and Alan, I said my good-byes to Hilary, wondering if our paths would ever cross again.

Hilary has now been shortlisted as a possible candidate to take one of the best job’s in the world as an Australian Park Ranger. She beat off competition of 600,000 hopefuls to make it to the twenty-five finalists. With her undeniable people skills, passion for the environment and her experience of working with animals…I cannot think of a more suitable individual. She has assisted Cee-Lo Green with his Muppet guests, tamed lions, had a romance “under the sea”, survived an encounter with WCW legend Bill Goldberg, is a nominee for Miss Nevada, travelled the world with only a notebook and was able to hold her own against two Australians and a South African.

However, Hilary cannot win without YOUR help. She is not asking for a donation or for you to bribe the judges but just to share this story and follow her pages. The more exposure we can get our dear Miss Billings, the closer we can get her to this job of a lifetime!

FOLLOW her Twitter Account: @HilaryforRanger

LIKE her Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/HilaryForRanger

COMMENT on the Australian Working Holiday Facebook Page and tell them you are apart of #TeamHilary: www.facebook.com/AustralianWorkingHoliday

The competition ends on May 7 so let us show our support!

Best of luck Hilary! #TeamHilary


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