Queue the FRIENDS TV show theme music. It was only three months ago when I was sitting on my bed on my first day of travelling in that hidden hotel room in Beijing, China. All alone. Then came a knock at the door and in walked my first ever travelling companion and room-mate, Andy. Over the next three weeks, we experienced a lot of crazy adventures backpacking across the entirety of wild China. Now months later, he was on his way to visit me in my new Australian home of Brisbane.andy

The night Andy arrived was absolutely hectic. It was poker night at the same time of State of Origins game. This is a real big deal for the Aussies as their states of Queensland and New South Wales go head to head in rugby to see who are the most gifted athletically, which is important in the grand scheme of things Australian. On top of all this, it was also Steve, Elisa and Shaun’s last night at the hostel before their road trip up to Cairns. After getting him checked in we rejoined the others at the bar where we proceeded to party the night away until I retired at 3 AM as I had to be up in three hours to go to work.

Rob and Gina, the English couple I had met in China, told me they were going to settle in Sydney to try the Australian lifestyle after their trip around Asia. Through constant persuasion they came to visit me in the city of Brisbane. It was not soon before they had both got jobs and started to settle in this great city. We enjoyed meals at the restaurant Gina worked at and I took them to my favourite parts of the city and continued Gina’s training in the arts of poker. After their Christmas back home in Britain they were on their way back to Brisbane after their farm work in South Australia.529964_10151146810304246_873496603_n

All of them said the same thing that took me by surprise. Andy and I were standing on the rooftop terrace looking at the city skyline, while he munched on the sandwich I made him. After telling Andy about my time in Brisbane, he said to me ”looks like you have really landed on your feet here, pal”. I never really had a moment to look back and evaluate my situation from the outside perspective. I was content in this notion and I’m positive for my future in Australia, however long that will be.

Rob and I hitting the club scene in Fortitude Valley

Rob and I hitting the club scene in Fortitude Valley


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