Journey to the Center of the Indian Ocean

As the train rolled in the dark past familiar skyscrapers in a city that I had called home for the past year. It had been an emotional day.  First of all, fitting all my worldly possessions into a backpack that had been accumulating dust recently, gave me satisfaction that I managed not to indulge in any unnecessary possessions. However, saying goodbye to my friends was something I could not prepare myself for, who knows when would be the next time I would see them. I tried my best to keep it together.vaccines

Rocking up to the airport, I saw that a line for my flight had already materialised even though check-in was not for another thirty minutes. I took the time to relax and compose myself for the journey ahead. When I finally joined the others I noticed that one desk was dedicated to checking in a whole group of people. They had trolleys of metal cases that I guessed to be instruments and stage props. They were The Vaccines, a British group who have been nominated for a Brit Award and were are on there world tour. I would be sharing a flight with them to Kuala Lumpur.

That morning I had closed my Australian bank account but I still had my Thomas Cook card that I used in Asia. I withdrew the remaining money from the card and made my way to the departure lounge. Fortunately enough I had two seats to myself on the flight but was unable to get any sleep. Arriving at the Malaysian airport at 5:30 AM I walked around like a zombie until I found a row of seats without arm rests and fell into a restless sleep. I woke to find I still had a few more hours before my flight that I filled with reading The Hunger Games and playing on my 3DS.Mockingjay Saying goodbye to Katniss Everdeen was another tragedy I had to endure.

The flight to Mauritius was uneventful. My throat ached and sleep deprivation was showing as it was almost twenty-seven hours since I left my former flat in Brisbane. I was summoned to the border control officer, I was hoping this would be painless as I was over this whole transit trip. The officer inspected my onward flight booking suspiciously and said “this is not a return ticket, this is just a booking”. There was a mixture of desperation and anger in my voice when I replied, “Hey pal! There is the ticket number and here is the receipt to show I purchased it”.

He pondered the facts for a while giving me a quizzical look. “OK, I’ll give you a two month visa, if you want to stay longer you’ll have to renew it”.  I did not feel like arguing and just wanted to get through. I picked up my backpack from arrivals and made my way out into the humid Mauritian night air. I had made it!


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