Invasion of the Killer Mosquitoes and the Sea Creature

Driving through the dark lanes of Mauritius, there was no way of seeing the tropical scenery as it was shadowed in darkness. We arrived at the the house but with the lack of street lighting it seemed like we were really out in the wild.

In the morning I awoke and rushed outside. Beautiful island vegetation grew in the garden and in the near distance, nothing but clear ocean, littered with little boats. I strolled down to the garden’s edge and when I turned around, I could not believe my eyes. A mountain shooting up from the earth with such vast proportions that it felt that at any minute it will consume anything in it’s path if it so desired. It was humbling to have something like this right outside the house on such a small corner of the world.


The residents of the garden didn’t take too kindly to my arrival. The second night the horde of mosquitoes decided to feast upon my pale British skin. It is a delicacy in these parts. They particularly liked my right ankle. The morning after; their handy work remained. Several purple dots and a swollen foot. Guess my body needs to become more adjusted to being back in Africa!


The other guests of the garden are a bit more friendly. Geckos that run across the walls and make ridiculously loud squawking noises. Hundreds of ants that will kindly dispose of any food you carelessly you leave out. And birds all the colours of a Rowntrees’ ice lolly, that will visit every morning to help you with your left over bread.

One night I was sitting alone in the lounge when I heard a scuttling noise coming from outside on the veranda. I turned on the outside light and had a look around. Nothing. I heard the noise again and I looked down. Hiding between a bucket and the wall was a giant crab. A crab?? Being at least two miles from the ocean’s edge, this was a peculiar sight. How did it get here? Possibly an escapee from the neighbour’s dinner no doubt.

We kept the poor guy in a bucket with some salt water until we could release it the next day.


So far on this island I have been attacked by the following: mosquitoes, birds, rats, geckos, crabs, cockroaches, frogs, ants, giant snails, wild dogs, lizards that run on their hind legs, giant green lizards that eat the smaller lizards, giant moths, snakes, shrews and a cat called Scaredy.


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