Czeching out Prague: Part II

A young girl, no more than five years old, plopped herself next to her parents at the hotel restaurant. Her plate consisted of two doughnuts, a croissant and a brownie. They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It was time to tackle Prague.


After we finished our breakfast we headed over to the metro line of Florenc. By now the metro system was familiar to us and convenient to get to the city hotspots. The first one on our list was Prague castle. We emerged from the underground to the summer sun that was already in full force. This was amplified by the long walk up the hill. Fortunately for me, there was an ice cream vendor in a shop carved into the wall. I bought a cheeky Cornetto.

The view at the top was definitely worth it. The city of Prague extended into the horizon in a sea of red roofs, with the odd green top distinguishing the cathedrals. Once in the castle grounds, there was much to see. It was an architectural candy store with a lot to digest. After passing through an enclosed courtyard the grounds opened up to reveal a giant church.


The only thing more indescribable than the size was the sheer amount of detail that went into the church. There were mosaics, gargoyles and spires that tore into the clouds. We sat on a nearby bench and took a moment to soak in the scene. Families on holidays posed in front of the building unable to fit it all in the frame.

After leaving the castle grounds we headed to the famous Charles Bridge. Though a detour was on the cards when we realised that the famous John Lennon wall was nearby. Studying the map it appeared that it was nested somewhere in the maze of embassies. After a couple of wrong turns, we ended in a quiet road. A few people crowded under the cover of trees staring directly ahead. Breaking away from the conservative colour scheme of the city, bright colours fused together with no rules. A collection of graffiti, lyrics from the Beatles and even portraits of John Lennon himself. There was a busker that added background music while a graffiti artist was adding his own art. He had stencilled the letters HELENA, WILL YOU M and started on an A.


Finally, on the Charles Bridge the majestic view was temporarily blocked by a couple getting their picture taken. With about ten Englishmen photo-bombing in the background.

The demographic of travellers to Prague is rather varied. There were families with small children. Stag parties that were looked after by bar crawl guides that were posted all over the centre. Elderly couples taking strolls.


On the final day we took a break in the morning from the sightseeing and went to the Puzzle Room! We ventured into a deserted suburb of the city with much confusion as the residential area did not strike as a place for an activity venue. The address had a small sign announcing it was the Puzzle Room but stairs disappeared into a basement flat. A smiling lady welcomed us in and explained the rules to us. She led us into a darkened room with a low light. The room was decorated with items from a few centuries ago. The door was closed behind us with a giant golem facing us. The eerie notch went up one when it started breathing.


The Puzzle Room is a fun, puzzle-solving experience. It takes about an hour to break out of the room with all the clues provided. I am glad I escaped to share the tale.

We spent the remainder of the day exploring the remaining parts of the city. On a recommendation from my parents, I visited the dancing house and it was indeed a peculiar building to look at. After hours of walking it was good to relax at a hidden Italian restaurant with authentic finishings. The best part was the fact that the restaurant was twinned with its own ice cream parlour where we helped ourselves to some authentic Italian ice cream.


I give Prague a rating of 8 out of 10 trdelníks.

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You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one


One thought on “Czeching out Prague: Part II

  1. Alas, the next installment of your wonderful trip to Czech. Puzzle Room – we need some of this here in UK. Hope you enjoyed the ‘Cheeky Cornetto’ on the scorching hot day. Great pictures and good write up. Keep up the good work.

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