40 before 40

  1. Visit a new country in Africa
  2. Visit a new country in Asia
  3. Visit 3 new countries in Europe
  4. Visit a new country in North America
  5. Visit a new country in South America
  6. Visit a new country in Oceania
  7. Get a tattoo
  8. Send a letter to Mr Olsen
  9. Become a confident public speaker
  10. Give up social media for a month
  11. Create a zombie survival kit
  12. Feed a red panda
  13. Go on a buddy trip with Truman
  14. Be an extra in a film
  15. Learn how to use a golf driver
  16. Be an audience member for Question Time
  17. Plant a tree
  18. Give a speech at a wedding
  19. Run a Tough Mudder for charity
  20. Watch the Dallas Cowboys play
  21. Meet a political world leader
  22. Invest in a business
  23. Run a campaign to become a city councillor
  24. Improve my chess skills
  25. Write an article for a newspaper
  26. Volunteer for a homeless charity
  27. Learn how to box
  28. Write a blog about my Dad
  29. Watch Star Wars Episodes 1-8 in a week ending with Episode 9 in the cinema
  30. Apply for a patent
  31. Design a personal website
  32. Read 200 more books
  33. See the Northern Lights
  34. Donate blood
  35. Get ripped
  36. Give a speech at the Liberal Democrat conference
  37. Own a dog
  38. Write a book and get it published
  39. Run a campaign to improve my community
  40. Throw an epic 40th birthday party