The Back Nine in South Africa

meliorism (n.) the belief that the world gets better; the belief that humans can improve the world

Staring out of the passenger window, Durban’s blue lagoon stretched out from under the bridge, flowing into the Indian Ocean. The December sun was shining brightly, increasing the hue of the tropical vegetation by the water edge. An apartment block emerged from the trees and I immediately recognised my old home of over twenty years ago. For the next few minutes my memories took me back to my childhood of endless hours spent playing cricket in the complex grounds.

Umgeni River

My old flat in Durban

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Invasion of the Killer Mosquitoes and the Sea Creature

Driving through the dark lanes of Mauritius, there was no way of seeing the tropical scenery as it was shadowed in darkness. We arrived at the the house but with the lack of street lighting it seemed like we were really out in the wild.

In the morning I awoke and rushed outside. Beautiful island vegetation grew in the garden and in the near distance, nothing but clear ocean, littered with little boats. I strolled down to the garden’s edge and when I turned around, I could not believe my eyes. A mountain shooting up from the earth with such vast proportions that it felt that at any minute it will consume anything in it’s path if it so desired. It was humbling to have something like this right outside the house on such a small corner of the world.

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Journey to the Center of the Indian Ocean

As the train rolled in the dark past familiar skyscrapers in a city that I had called home for the past year. It had been an emotional day.  First of all, fitting all my worldly possessions into a backpack that had been accumulating dust recently, gave me satisfaction that I managed not to indulge in any unnecessary possessions. However, saying goodbye to my friends was something I could not prepare myself for, who knows when would be the next time I would see them. I tried my best to keep it together.vaccines

Rocking up to the airport, I saw that a line for my flight had already materialised even though check-in was not for another thirty minutes. I took the time to relax and compose myself for the journey ahead. When I finally joined the others I noticed that one desk was dedicated to checking in a whole group of people. They had trolleys of metal cases that I guessed to be instruments and stage props. They were The Vaccines, a British group who have been nominated for a Brit Award and were are on there world tour. I would be sharing a flight with them to Kuala Lumpur. Continue reading