Je suis Belge

I had to be in the office early the next morning but I was still awake. News articles refreshed on my computer screen as the events from Brussels unfolded. The suspected terrorists from the Paris attacks had been found and had a shoot-out with the police. Three officers and a civilian had been injured, two suspects were on the run and the city was in lockdown.

While checking how many hours sleep I would be getting, I got hold of Lauren to discuss our options. We were to travel to Bruges in two days with a short stopover in Brussels. We monitored the situation the following day and decided to proceed with our trip. Terrorists could not prevent us from living our lives.


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Czeching out Prague: Part II

A young girl, no more than five years old, plopped herself next to her parents at the hotel restaurant. Her plate consisted of two doughnuts, a croissant and a brownie. They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It was time to tackle Prague.


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Czeching out Prague: Part I

Going through customs at Heathrow, I waited patiently for Lauren on the other side of security control. She was held up at the metal detector as she had set off the alarms and was ordered to go into the full body scanner. My mind wandered as I stuffed my pockets with my wallet, phone and passport. The dawning realisation became apparent of how unprepared I was for this trip. It was going to be a nice change landing in a foreign city, totally oblivious, and not knowing what to expect.

Leaving the terminal at Prague airport there were no signs that would benefit a unilingual chap such as myself. We walked around the bus stops and found a small indicator for the ‘Airport Express’. This sounds promising, I thought. There was an inconspicuous piece of paper stuck to a post with a section in English saying the bus would go to the city and the fee could be paid to the bus driver. Success.


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Amsterdam Starbucks

“We are going to be late.”

Truman grumbled to himself as we walked towards Temple Meads station. His eyes were trying to focus on his phone as they tried to blink away the darkness of sleep. This was the first trip we had ever taken together despite our meeting back in Brisbane all those months ago.

“According to Google,” he started while rubbing his unshaven face. “We are going to miss our flight.”

I looked at him perplexed. If there was one part of trips that I excelled at, it was planning. There was plenty of time allocated to be at the airport before our plane departed. What was this Welsh man talking about? We kept a steady pace walking through the streets of Bristol and I adjusted the straps on my backpack.


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Polska Wedding

The heavy showers that relentlessly hit the windscreen on the drive from Katowice Airport was a fading memory as the bus soared through the beautiful, golden countryside of southern Poland. Faded billboards and Eastern European architecture were scattered by the roadside. There was a strong Catholic influence with giant crucifixes randomly appearing in the window every few minutes and colourful graveyards decorated by hundreds of flowers. Having just come from the concrete jungle of London, it was surreal driving through infinite countryside and then suddenly appearing in a hidden village. The town would soon disappear from sight and the green countryside would present itself again.

The one thing that all these villages had in common was the giant church right in the heart of town. As the bus pulled into Nowa Cerekwia it was no different as the steeple towered over the other buildings. This is where one of my childhood friends, Chris, would be getting married.


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Leaving Home

I handed in my resignation. After waiting what seemed an eternity for my manager to come out of his meeting I told him that we needed to talk, so we went into a vacant meeting room where I explained to him my reasons for leaving. No one was more taken back by my decision than my team leader. Many times we had discussed such plans of leaving the monetary hum-drum existence and going off to exotic lands for an adventure. Perhaps we only discussed the possibility from his perspective as I always kept my desire to travel the world close to my chest, like pocket Aces. He is still very pleased for me and will hope that I can be a vessel for his dreams.

MorrisAfter waiting for this day I was expecting feelings such as ecstasy, excitement and relief but instead I felt an empty sadness, like a part of me had been taken away. As fellow colleagues kept telling me how jealous they were and how they wish they could do what I was about to embark on, I could not help but feel jealously for their safety net of social events, parties and home comforts. I was perhaps most sad to leave these close friends behind while I head out into the unknown. Continue reading

Confessions of a Failed Shopaholic

The most important purchase I’ll be making before I leave the UK is a backpack. It is said that this bag will be my best friend (or worst enemy) when travelling. I was pretty set on getting a standard top-loading bag and did a little bit of research on the matter.

The next day I met Truman in town for some backpack shopping after getting a free hand wash from a Bulgarian girl trying to sell me her hand revitalizing salt cream. I do not want your salts lady!! It was last Sept/Oct when I was having a conversation with Truman, who I only knew vaguely through other friends. He was telling me how he planned on travelling the globe with little structure to his itinerary. That same day I spontaneously agreed to be his travelling partner and haven’t looked back since. Unfortunately, we would be setting off at different dates due to personal choice but have kept in constant contact, deliberating our trips and what we wanted to see. There is no doubt our paths will cross somewhere in the world.
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