Czeching out Prague: Part I

Going through customs at Heathrow, I waited patiently for Lauren on the other side of security control. She was held up at the metal detector as she had set off the alarms and was ordered to go into the full body scanner. My mind wandered as I stuffed my pockets with my wallet, phone and passport. The dawning realisation became apparent of how unprepared I was for this trip. It was going to be a nice change landing in a foreign city, totally oblivious, and not knowing what to expect.

Leaving the terminal at Prague airport there were no signs that would benefit a unilingual chap such as myself. We walked around the bus stops and found a small indicator for the ‘Airport Express’. This sounds promising, I thought. There was an inconspicuous piece of paper stuck to a post with a section in English saying the bus would go to the city and the fee could be paid to the bus driver. Success.


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