Polska Wedding

The heavy showers that relentlessly hit the windscreen on the drive from Katowice Airport was a fading memory as the bus soared through the beautiful, golden countryside of southern Poland. Faded billboards and Eastern European architecture were scattered by the roadside. There was a strong Catholic influence with giant crucifixes randomly appearing in the window every few minutes and colourful graveyards decorated by hundreds of flowers. Having just come from the concrete jungle of London, it was surreal driving through infinite countryside and then suddenly appearing in a hidden village. The town would soon disappear from sight and the green countryside would present itself again.

The one thing that all these villages had in common was the giant church right in the heart of town. As the bus pulled into Nowa Cerekwia it was no different as the steeple towered over the other buildings. This is where one of my childhood friends, Chris, would be getting married.


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