Leaving the Road

This was my new life. Protected with gloves, a hat and a ridiculously warm coat, I made my way through the English winter showers. I put down my umbrella and paused for a minute as gale force winds tore through me. It was a struggle to catch my breath as I watched a middle-aged woman get carried away in the style of Mary Poppins. Stopping short of the train station due to impassible pot-holes with collections of water, a familiar figure appeared with his hood up. Truman.

“How’s it going bro?” Truman asked as we embraced in a bromantic hug.

“Lot has happened,” I started, my mind quickly flashing over the previous six months since leaving my backpacker days behind me. “Where do I begin?”


Playing Spiderman at the Nakama Halloween Party

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How to Plan an Adventure

For first time travellers, planning a trip can be daunting. Some people have told me that they would love to travel but do not know how to go about it. It might appear as a headache at first but the entire planning process is a useful period for getting yourself equipped and mentally prepared for where you will be going and what you might encounter.

Asking my Grandpa for tips, he is the ultimate traveller

asking my Grandpa for tips, he is the ultimate traveller

There is no wrong or right way to go about planning an adventure. There are some travellers who will just buy a plane ticket and wing it once they touch down. I prefer the more methodical route but this does not say you need to follow your itinerary. Moments of spontaneity often make better memories than anything you could prepare for. Continue reading

Why Roam? Top 3 Reasons to Travel

After wandering around the world by myself for over a year, I wanted to create this article for potential and fledgling travellers. Travel is not about holiday-making or having a break from your normal life. It is about immersing yourself in a foreign culture. As explorers of old, heading into the unknown of exotic worlds.paris

It does not matter if you are young or old, there is something appealing for all ages. The extent of travelling you can do, however, is hindered by your responsibilities in life. The freshly graduated pups, with their bushy tails and wide eyes, are for the most part free to roam as they please, with no concern for the future. For those with dependents there are particularly structured tours from travel companies that try to fit in as much as humanly possible into two weeks. These are tailored to fit into the busy workaholic’s lifestyle. Continue reading


Travellers get inspiration to leave everything they know behind to globe-trot across the planet. Some draw motivation from friends who have done it before, some just cannot get enough of the beautiful beaches they see in Lonely Planet guides and some just have incurable wanderlust.


My inspiration to go on this crazy trip is drawn from non-fiction books. The most recent one I read was Into the Wild that was based on the life of Chris ‘Alex’ McCandless. After university, Chris donated his $25,000 trust fund to charity, packed a minimal amount of his worldly possessions into a bag and told no one where he was going. Despite his college education and wealthy parents he chose to live from day to day on the basics so he could roam across the vastness of America and just live for the beauty of the land.
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