Invasion of the Killer Mosquitoes and the Sea Creature

Driving through the dark lanes of Mauritius, there was no way of seeing the tropical scenery as it was shadowed in darkness. We arrived at the the house but with the lack of street lighting it seemed like we were really out in the wild.

In the morning I awoke and rushed outside. Beautiful island vegetation grew in the garden and in the near distance, nothing but clear ocean, littered with little boats. I strolled down to the garden’s edge and when I turned around, I could not believe my eyes. A mountain shooting up from the earth with such vast proportions that it felt that at any minute it will consume anything in it’s path if it so desired. It was humbling to have something like this right outside the house on such a small corner of the world.

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Journey to the Center of the Indian Ocean

As the train rolled in the dark past familiar skyscrapers in a city that I had called home for the past year. It had been an emotional day.  First of all, fitting all my worldly possessions into a backpack that had been accumulating dust recently, gave me satisfaction that I managed not to indulge in any unnecessary possessions. However, saying goodbye to my friends was something I could not prepare myself for, who knows when would be the next time I would see them. I tried my best to keep it together.vaccines

Rocking up to the airport, I saw that a line for my flight had already materialised even though check-in was not for another thirty minutes. I took the time to relax and compose myself for the journey ahead. When I finally joined the others I noticed that one desk was dedicated to checking in a whole group of people. They had trolleys of metal cases that I guessed to be instruments and stage props. They were The Vaccines, a British group who have been nominated for a Brit Award and were are on there world tour. I would be sharing a flight with them to Kuala Lumpur. Continue reading

When One Door Closes, Another Opens

It has been over a year since I embarked on a trip of a lifetime. Whether you are a brand new subscriber or a long term reader I would like to take a moment to share a personal perspective.

Those who have not changed while travelling are either lying to themselves or have refused to engage with the foreign element surrounding them. Confronted with the prospect of relying on only myself, I had no choice in becoming completely independent. Self reliance is the most freedom I have ever felt and it has given me sovereignty and the capacity to go anywhere I so desired. This steered me to a new found sense of resilience and resourcefulness.

Brisbane - my home in Australia

Brisbane – my home in Australia

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How to Plan an Adventure

For first time travellers, planning a trip can be daunting. Some people have told me that they would love to travel but do not know how to go about it. It might appear as a headache at first but the entire planning process is a useful period for getting yourself equipped and mentally prepared for where you will be going and what you might encounter.

Asking my Grandpa for tips, he is the ultimate traveller

asking my Grandpa for tips, he is the ultimate traveller

There is no wrong or right way to go about planning an adventure. There are some travellers who will just buy a plane ticket and wing it once they touch down. I prefer the more methodical route but this does not say you need to follow your itinerary. Moments of spontaneity often make better memories than anything you could prepare for. Continue reading

Kat the Koala

Walking through the gift shop I was surrounded by koalas. Soft cuddly toy koalas, koala t-shirts, koala books and koala key chains. The walls were covered in framed portraits of known faces such as hair dye lover Hayley Williams, kung-fu expert Jackie Chan and relationship addict Taylor Swift. They were all holding a koala. I purchased a ticket for my chance to join them.koalas

Angela and I made our way to the photograph area and joined the queue, waiting for my chance to cuddle one. We were in Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, one of the few places in the world you are actually allowed to hold a koala. As we got closer to the the front, we were watching an elderly Asian lady struggling to get to grips with her animal, it was not going to get its picture taken without a fight. Angela asked me if I was excited. I pondered the question and replied “nervous”. Before coming to Australia, holding a koala was on the top of my agenda so there was high expectations. Continue reading

Brother of the Beard vs The Fijian


Brother of the Beard in the outback

On some chilly morning in Bridgend, I struck up  a conversation with a work colleague I had only spoken to a couple of times before. He was telling me about his plans on how he was going to quit the company and go travelling for a year. This was the catalyst I needed to pursue my dream. Almost a year from that date, Truman was coming to visit me in Brisbane.

Truman had previously come to Brisbane briefly for a Slash concert and slated the beautiful city. Nevertheless, he was going to come for a longer stay so we could catch up and share travel stories. He sent me a text at work saying that he was in a room with some “bloody hipster” with green shoes. Room 618 was my room. I arrived in the afternoon to an empty dorm but moments later a familiar figure walked through the door. It was Truman! Despite his initial indifference to the city, once he had see the real gems he begun to appreciate what makes Brisbane such a great place. Continue reading

Why Roam? Top 3 Reasons to Travel

After wandering around the world by myself for over a year, I wanted to create this article for potential and fledgling travellers. Travel is not about holiday-making or having a break from your normal life. It is about immersing yourself in a foreign culture. As explorers of old, heading into the unknown of exotic

It does not matter if you are young or old, there is something appealing for all ages. The extent of travelling you can do, however, is hindered by your responsibilities in life. The freshly graduated pups, with their bushy tails and wide eyes, are for the most part free to roam as they please, with no concern for the future. For those with dependents there are particularly structured tours from travel companies that try to fit in as much as humanly possible into two weeks. These are tailored to fit into the busy workaholic’s lifestyle. Continue reading